About Us

About Us

New showgrounds signs installed in 2017


The Crystal Brook Show is an annual event, held in the town of Crystal Brook, in South Australia’s Mid North. The show is made up of many different parts, there is a pavilion packed with art and craft, cooking and sewing and even home brewing and photography. The Crystal Brook Show has the most show rides north of Adelaide, the best Merino sheep in the state, trade stalls, vintage cars and ute competitions. 2017 also saw the inaugural Celtic Games at the Crystal Brook Show – and it will be back again in 2018.

We offer families a fun day out, safe for the kids, with plenty of exciting activities for mum, dad and the kids to enjoy. Be sure to come along and enjoy the exciting experience and country atmosphere at the Crystal Brook Show.


President – Michael Frith.

Senior Vice President –  Ashley Redden.

Junior Vice President – Luke O’Dea

Secretary – Sharon Jeffries.

Treasurer – Mel Guerin.

Entry Secretary/Office Assistant – Jo Piggott.

Pavilion Co-ordinator – H Kirchner, J Price.

Committee Members – Steve Hyde, Jo Piggott, Helen Kirchner, Anne Clothier, Adam Perry, Michael Kelly, Pat Marks, Ernie Polley, Colleen Grave and Wendy Stringer.

Examiner of Accounts – M Shaw.

Catering Convenor – Combined Sporting Clubs.

Trade Block Steward– Ashley Redden, Adam Perry, Luke O’Dea, and Michael Kelly.

Advisers – B Mumford, J Richards, T Greig.


Geoff Brock MP, Ivan Venning, Rowan Ramsey MP, Mayor John Rohde,  Neville Wilson, Trevor Greig